The jewelry is the best condiment that a woman can have in her living. The pampering that it gives to people especially the woman folks is really surreal and scintillating. The dazzle that it creates and spreads is something which attracts the attention of the people. The best thing about looking different and distinguishing is that you are being talked by most people. This gives you an edge over others. The great thing in the world comes to you not being a part of the crowd but by being the one apart from the crowd. This out of box factor in context of looks comes to you not by anything else but by wearing and attaching with yourself something of the unique streak. The unique streak comes to you not easily but very selectively. There has to be some selective efforts to make you feel good and privileged. The jewel creates that mesmerizing effect and also gives you an attractive appearance which is enough to besot others. The common attributes of the people are not that common but they come by some common following. If something different is followed something different comes to you automatically.

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