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Initially people wore Bathing suits only to enter a medicinal bath which cured many medical problems. Later it became a fashionable costume in the nineteenth century. Bathing accessories were introduced along with the Bathing suits. Models and beauty queens started to focus on the Bathing suits for various advertisements to gain popularity. Many water based activity encourages wearing Bathing suits. Some of the water sports such as sun bathing, diving and swimming imposes wearing Bathing suit as a rule. A swimmer feels comfortable on Bathing suits. Various types of Bathing suits are available for all the ages and in all sizes. Men, women and children have wide variety of choices to choose from. Material and coverage of the body varies in each suit. Drag suits, racing suits, rash guard are some of the unisex styles. Some of the womens Bathing suits come as one piece, two piece, and bikini. Swim briefs, Trunks, jammer are some of the Bathing suit styles for men. Bathing suits which cover the body and head are also readily available for sportsperson. Few Bathing suits are specially designed for swimming competitions. In such suits the material of the costume is given more importance such that the skin is protected from stings and other skin damages. Check the supplier website at